Commercial Seating: Everything you could possibly want to know

Commercial Seating Everything you could possibly want to know

First lets define commercial seating: Commercial Seating (otherwise known as contract furniture) relates to furnishings that have been specifically designed and tested for use in business interiors where they will be used regularly or constantly be large volumes of people over long periods of time.

What To Look For When Buying Commercial Restaurant Furniture

  1. The Type Of Furniture You Want

The material used to manufacture your chair may say a lot to your guest about the type of restaurant you run. Wood chairs, or chairs with exposed wood, convey a feeling of warmth and quality. Metal chairs can be noisy and appear cold. There are many products that mix metal and wood together, which creates an interesting look, while providing many of the benefits of both materials in one chair.

Above all else, consider comfort when making your decision. Restaurant chairs come in many shapes and sizes. The size of the seat and the height of the back are two very important features. Seats are generally 16, 18, or 20 inches wide. The smallest of seats tends to be used in café areas or areas where higher turnover is required. The largest of options is reserved for fine dining or country club type applications, where an owner wants to create the most comfort and turnover is not a driving factor.

Your seat back height is important as well, not for comfort as much as design aesthetic. Rooms look better when the height of furniture or décor vary. Chairs taller than 30” will sit above the table top, creating a more substantial and interesting look.

2. Purchase only commercial grade seating

Let the buyers beware. The Internet retailers often sell chairs that look appropriate for a restaurant but lack three important features. First, the joinery is often not designed for heavy commercial use. Second, the finish is often residential grade and will not perform when cleaned with commercial cleaners. Most importantly, the manufacturer has not tested the product for commercial use. In most cases noncommercial chairs are excluded from product liability claims if used in a commercial setting. In other words, if a chair fails and your customer is hurt, the manufacturer will have limited liability in the claim and you will be 100% responsible for the claim. This can be a very large costly mistake.

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3. Is the Seating an important part of your establishment?

Restaurants are places of entertainment , people go there to eat. However, that is not the only reason why they go there. They also go for do the ambiance and décor . Therefore you must consider the personality of the environment. Casual dining locations often have a different look than a fine dining restaurants. Furniture or seating can be important to your brand, as well as helping a customer learn what to expect when they see your name on the building. So ask yourself this question. Do you want to look like your competition or do you want to stand out and be unique?

4. Know your budget

Budgets can limit your options, never allow yourself to think that a non-commercial option is right for you. The risks are incredible. However, quality of finish, type of fabric, size of chair, and production origin may all impact price.   We suggest trading options or style to save money, versus accepting a chair that is not rated for commercial use.   If cost matters, many times you can find overrun production of chairs that are made with limited options and will save money.

Know your budget - commercial seating everthing you need to know

5. Buy chairs that make sense for your restaurant

Years ago I was a model photographer. On of the most important things I learned was when doing a shoot, make sure the model’s dressing matches the scene. In other words, if I am doing a beach scene don’t dress the models in cowboy outfits.

When purchasing seat make sure it matches the theme of your restaurant. This is important for you guest experience. Everyone guest who visits your restaurant will leave with a vision. Make sure it’s the one you want them to have. Just so I can say I said it, your staff and food matter also.

How To buy Commercial Seating

There are hundreds of websites on the web that advertise commercial seating. So how do you choose the right one. You do the research. Find out where there products are made. If the product have a strong warranty. If there product support is above average. What is there return policy.

Investing time in researching a company that sells commercial seating can save you not just thousands of dollars but also hours of headaches.

How to buy commercial seating - everything you need to know

I hope this article aids you well when purchasing commercial restaurant seating. If you have any questions contact us at Throne Commercial Seating

Florida Seating - Commercial Seating Furniture - Commercial Restaurant Furniture  - Commercial Healthcare Furniture -

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