How To Buy Commercial Furniture Online

How To Buy Commercial Furniture Online - Shipping Cost

How To Buy Commercial  Hospitality Furniture, Commercial Restaurant Furniture and Commercial Healthcare Furniture Online

How To Buy Commercial  Hospitality Furniture, Commercial Restaurant Furniture and Commercial Healthcare Furniture Online can be quit daunting. Here are some tip that will make purchasing commercial furniture a lot more friendlier of a process than say, get a root canal.

Traps to avoid when buying commercial furniture on the internet

1. Start By Reading the About Page.

Let’s begin by reading the company’s About page. The top online retailers provide details about their companies, including history and information about their customer service and satisfaction guarantees. The site’s About page should also include a real phone number and a  address. Respectable companies always provide ways for companies to contact them offline via email

2. Look for Store Reviews

Most websites allow users to post reviews on the internet. Google being the top search engine allow visitors to post comment about there dealings with the company through Google My Business. Just type the companies website + “Review).

The nice thing about a review is it can not be simply deleted. If the company is new, call the company and ask them for reviews. While you can chalk one or two bad reviews up to unique bad experiences, several bad reviews or a low ranking may indicate problems with the company. Not all commercial furniture companies are the same.

How To Buy Commercial Furniture Online

3. Check Out Their Return Policy

All e-commerce commercial furniture websites should have sound return policies. If a website charges customers a re-stocking fee, has a complicated return procedure, or doesn’t allow returns at all, move on to the next search result.

You want to do business with websites that have flexible return policies. Stores should give customers ample time to return products. Many stores give customers at least 30 days, but some offer 45 or 60 days to return items. Make sure you review the website’s re-stocking and shipping fees. The best return policies offer free return shipping, or the option to return products to a brick and mortar store.

If a commercial furniture store require that customers cover the cost of return shipping, which can get costly for large or heavy pieces of furniture, move on. Some stores also charge a re-stocking fee, which can total as much as 15% of the item’s purchase price. Avoid these online stores that charge re-stocking fees.

4. Oh – The Shipping Costs

Thoroughly review a store’s shipping policies before buying furniture from the website. Different stores use different shipping companies, such as FedEx or UPS, and offer different shipping and handling rates. Some stores hike up the cost of shipping, or charge a handling fee to counteract the lower prices they offer on their furniture. Do not buy any furniture without reviewing the shipping and handling fees first.

Free shipping doesn’t always mean free. Sometimes, a store includes the cost of shipping in the purchase price and then claims they offer free shipping to draw in customers. Compare prices with other sites. If the furniture costs $100 or $200 more on a website that offers free shipping, the website probably added the cost of shipping to the prices. So be mindful of these sometimes hidden charges.

How To Buy Commercial Furniture Online - Shipping Cost

5. Shop at Stores That Offer a Good Selection

Find what you need to furnish your business by shopping at an online store that offers a full range of commercial furniture options. You have a better chance of finding the seating and tables you need if you shop at a site that offers a large selection of commercial furniture.

The Conclusion

Remember are hundreds of websites on the web that advertise commercial seating. So it could be challenging when trying to choose the right one.  Find out If the product have a strong warranty. If there product support is above average. What is there return policy.

Investing time in researching a company that sells commercial seating can save you not just thousands of dollars but also hours of headaches.

How To Buy Commercial Furniture Online - Conclusion

I hope this article aids you well when purchasing commercial restaurant seating. If you have any questions contact us at Throne Commercial Seating

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